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Ashli and her mother Katherine plan their days around their top priority, Ashli’s education. They live in low-income housing in Washington, D.C. and travel across the city to get to Lowell School, where Ashli attends, each day.

“I don’t even let Ashli play outside in our neighborhood, so I wouldn’t want her attending school at our neighborhood school,” says Katherine.

Katherine typically spends four hours a day on the road getting her daughter to and from her private school but feels like this is the best investment of her time and limited resources.

“There’s nothing more important to me than Ashli’s education,” adds Katherine. “I choose to go without less important things, like getting my hair or nails done, in order to pay expenses for Ashli’s education.”

Ashli is able to attend Lowell School because of the D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program and the tuition assistance the program provides. She never forgets how fortunate she is to have this opportunity or how much her mom sacrifices for her, so she works hard every day at school.

“Ashli is a great student, gets good grades and even started a nature club at school to help care for the plants and animals around her,” adds Katherine. “Lowell is helping expose Ashli to a different environment than what is surrounding our home and that has been so important to me.”

John Schilling
Chief Operating Officer