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PROGRAM — Opportunity Scholarship Program

I am a freshman at Archbishop Carroll High School. I love it. The public middle school I went to wasn’t all that good – it was a bad school and my needs just weren’t being met. My high school is way better for my education, and I’m really happy to havw this opportunity.

At my public middle school, the other students’ behavior wasn’t the best and the staff struggled to contain it. My new high school doesnt have that problem, and it offers a lot of good classes that weren’t available to me before. It’s much better for what I need.

Receiving a scholarship to go to a private school makes me very happy. With the high school experience I’m having, I’ll have the opportunity to get into a good college. I want to attend Howard University or Georgetown University. I’d like to become an architect.

My school choice feels like a familiy. Discipline is part of our expectations and all of the teachers are very nice. It’s strict, but not too strict. I feel safe and happy there because it feels like a family.


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