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PROGRAM — Louisiana Scholarship Program

My daughter, Savannah Julianna Thomas, is an outgoing nine-year-old fourth grader. She has been attending Family Worship Christian Academy since pre-kindergarten. Our journey to this fabulous school started before she was out of diapers.

We moved to a neighborhood where we were told that the school the neighborhood was zoned for was great. Fast forward to the summer before pre-k starts and we go for testing at said school, which takes less than two minutes. The tester said Savannah was advanced for her age more so than some of the other children. A week later we received the rejection letter stating the same and that we had been rezoned for another school.

The other school which we were being sent to was a failing school, and as a parent who had worked so hard to teach my child all that she knew, I couldn’t bring myself to send her there. I ended up getting a referral from the owner of the daycare she was attending. I trusted these women who helped to care and teach Savannah so I called Family Worship Christian Academy and got Savannah a testing date; she was accepted as part of the NSECD program. The following year Savannah received a scholarship from the Louisiana Scholarship Program.  
 As a parent of a scholarship student, I feel grateful for the opportunities my child is receiving as part of a school where the teachers and staff are more like a big supportive family. I find the school to be extremely family oriented, structured, and full of knowledgeable teachers who absolutely love their job so much so that some of their own children are enrolled.

The lines of communication are always open at FWCA and if one person doesn’t know the answer be rest assured someone will contact you and follow up with the answer. I don’t believe this would have happened in a failing, public school.

I would never have thought Savannah would be able to attend a private school due to finances. When she came home with the application, I filled it out with lots of prayers and requests for prayers. When she was accepted, I was ecstatic and able to breathe a sigh of relief.  I had to stop working because I became very ill and not having to worry about if I would have to pull her out of school was a weight lifted. Not only would she be able to continue to attend the school she had grown to love, but with the school being a pre-k thru 12th grade school meant she wouldn’t have to change schools.

We try to show our appreciation to the teachers and staff for this blessing we have received. She attends school regularly and has received perfect attendance since kindergarten. We make sure homework is completed and checked before any outside activities and try to reinforce what she has learned at school. We remind her on a daily basis to follow rules, do her best, and be kind to others.

I know that every morning when I send my daughter off to school she will return with many stories of all the fascinating things she has learned. We thank you for this opportunity that has blessed our family and she will continue to do her best knowing that education is the key to everything.  


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