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PROGRAM — Louisiana Scholarship Program

I am Sean Jackson, and I am in the sixth grade at Family Worship Christian Academy in Opelousas, Louisiana. I am a very bright student, and the Louisiana Scholarship Program affects me and my family greatly.

I’ve always liked school and I feel known with my teachers and classmates. know that I am in a safe environment which takes that fear away from me. I’ve always been successful at school, and I work hard to make good grades.

It is good to know that the Louisiana Scholarship Program is paying off for me to learn and do what I enjoy which is learning as part of the gifted program. Finally, the teachers at FWCA have helped me be successful by challenging me in the classroom.  Because of the teachers, I am a principal’s list student; I achieved advanced level in all subject on the LEAP 2025 test and I recently qualified for the gifted student program.   

Also, the scholarship really helps my family, too. My mom is already stacked with bills and being awarded a scholarship for me to attend Family Worship Christian Academy takes a huge weight off of her shoulders. She can pay for household items we need without worrying about my education. None of this would have been possible without the Louisiana Scholarship Program.   


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