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PROGRAM — Opportunity Scholarship Program

By Alaysha’s mom, Alisha:

My daughter has been going to private school through the DC Opportunity Scholarship program for four years now. I picked her school because she’d been in three public schools and the classes were too crowded. Someone told me about Cornerstone and I toured the school. I liked that the classes were so small. The Opportunity Scholarship Program has helped me afford tuition.

Alisha Glover

Faith was also a major reason we chose my daughter’s school, in addition to the academics. It brings peace to us both and helps my daughter. My mother passed when I was fourteen years old. It’s important to me that my daughter’s school has a family feeling and it does for both of us. I love the school. It’s like another home. And I know the teachers at her school will help make sure my daughter can graduate and go onto college.

I really appreciate and am grateful to be part of the Opportunity Scholarship Program. If it wasn’t for OSP it would be hard for me to stay on top of paying for school.

From Alaysha:

At my other school I got distracted easily. At my new school they take the time to make sure we understand things. They will repeat a lesson or take one-on-one time with us.

If I kept going to my other school I would not be able to learn about God. At my school we can learn about that.

I’m grateful to my mom for making sure I can go to my school.


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