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PROGRAM — Opportunity Scholarship Program

By Dezire and Willia’s mom, Tykia:

Dezire and Willia are eight years old and are very lovable. Both girls receive a scholarship from the DC Opportunity Scholarship Program.

The scholarship program has been something our family has used for a generation now, for fifteen years. My cousins have used it and now my daughters. It’s important to me because the public schools don’t offer the same curriculum as private schools. Private schools are also more structured and I feel my daughters are learning more.

Tykia Washington

Private schools also made a difference for my family members. They got further in life than they expected. They are firefighters, police officers, government workers and lawyers. My hope is the same is true for my daughters. I want them to get far in life and succeed. I don’t want them to have to live paycheck to paycheck. The school matters in making that possible.

I think all families should be able to choose the school for their children because it really makes a difference. If the schools don’t care, the students won’t care.


From Dezire and Willia:

We like wearing uniforms to school. Our favorite subject in school is science. We have a bunny named baby blue.

We like school because we can get smart and learn. We get free time to learn even more. When we grow up we want to be a police officer and drive an ambulance.

We want to thank Miss. Virginia Walden for helping make scholarships possible.


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