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PROGRAM — D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program

School choice is the opportunity to have more of a one on one chance to learn. It gives students a chance to ask questions and get more insight into what we do not understand.

My school has affected me in many different ways. The most prominent one is that it gives me several ways to talk to my teachers so they understand what I am having trouble with and can help.

I also think school choice gives students a different perspective about different cultures. At public schools, you are only truly aware about the different races and religions that exist around where you live. You might learn about diversity in school, but you do not have a connection to it.

I got into my current high school with the assistance of a scholarship. So far, I like this this school, but I would have never known about it. It opens me up to a world I knew very little about, like the vigorous training that ballet dancers do!

I think that kids should be able to attend schools that they and their family choose because then more students would be excited to go to school. After all, it would be the school of their dreams. If you have more children reaching for the stars, the more they try to succeed, and the more they show passion for what they want. As we all know, it is hard to truly do something to your best ability if you are not passionate and it does not matter to you. Let us find what is special to us and we will show you the way to our success.


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