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PROGRAM — Nevada Opportunity Scholarship

My name is Aracely De La Cruz. I am a single mother of three children between the ages of eight and eleven years old. I am raising all three boys on my own and I try my hardest to provide them with a successful future. I constantly strive for them to have the best education I can give them. All three of my boys were blessed with the scholarship program. They are currently in the second year at their new school. I can’t begin to count how many changes I’ve seen in my boys since they’ve changed schools. I’m here to ask you please give our family the opportunity to keep the scholarships.

The scholarship program has helped us in countless ways. As a single parent it’s very difficult economically, and thanks to the scholarships, my children can now go to Calvary Chapel Christian School. This school has proven to be safer, and the teachers and staff are dedicated to making the school a bully free zone. My kids have improved tremendously in their academic performance and self-esteem, and they’re even more motivated to do school work.

My middle son struggles with a learning disability. At his old school he received no help no matter how much we tried. He was also bullied for several months and the school did nothing to resolve the issue even after I addressed it to the teacher and the principal. At that school they were constantly failing their classes and never wanted to go to school. No mater how much they studied or how hard they worked, their grades never improved. They could never reach their goals. It’s so heartbreaking to see your kids cry every time they get their report cards. They would call themselves dumb because their grades never reached above a C average.

Today I can say I feel proud and even at ease knowing that my children are in a safer environment and they are in a place that challenges them to perform their best at school and even at home. I have witnessed how much their academic level is improving along with their emotional well-being. My kids look forward to getting their report cards every quarter now. Its such a blessing to see how happy they are now and how excited they get about school.

I want kids and parents to have the same opportunity we were blessed with. Please do not take the scholarship program away. Our children are our future and we need to give them the best education and best building blocks possible so they can grow up and be good influences on younger generations.

As a parent I just want the best for my kids; I want to them to be successful and have the opportunities I didn’t have as a child.


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