Equal Opportunity Education Scholarships

Program Information

  • STC
  • Program Type: Scholarship Tax Credit Program, Means Tested, Corporate, Individual

Student Participation

  • Family income cannot exceed 300% of the amount required to qualify for the free or reduced-price lunch program ($139,485 for family of four in 2018); or
  • Student must have attended or was eligible to attend a public school identified as in need of improvement during the preceding school year
  • Participating students and their siblings remain eligible until graduation
  • For the special needs portion of the scholarship, eligible students must have attended a public school and have an Individualized Education Program (IEP)
  • Be accredited by the state or a state-approved accrediting association
  • Comply with health and safety laws and codes
  • Have a stated policy against discrimination
  • Ensure academic accountability through regular progress reports to parents
  • Use at least 90% of contributions for scholarships
  • Register as a scholarship granting organization with the state
  • Spend a portion of expenditures on scholarships for students who qualify for the free or reduced-price lunch program ($46,435 for family of four in 2018) in an amount equal to or greater than the percentage of eligible low-income students in the state
  • Ensure scholarships are portable during the school year and can be used at any qualified school that accepts the eligible student
  • Conduct background checks on employees and board members
  • Maintain full and accurate records on contributions and expenditures and other documentation required by the state

Data Update

Schools Participating
SGOs Operating
2016 Expenditures


Scholarship Cap
- Whichever is greater:
-- $5,000
-- 80 percent of average per-pupil expenditure in the student’s school district
-- Up to $25,000 to cover the tuition, fees and transportation costs at the selected private school for special needs students
Tax Credit Value
- 50 percent for a one-year donation
- 75 percent for a two-year donation
Donor Tax Credit Cap
- $1,000 individuals
- $2,000 married couples
- $100,000 corporations
Statewide Cap
- $5 million