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PROGRAM — Opportunity Scholarship

As a mom raising two daughters alone, ages twelve and thirteen, my income and family circumstances would never have allowed me the chance to put my girls in a Private School. When trying to decide on the best education for my children, I faced tremendous stress and concern as to how their future would be affected.

Without the scholarship program, it would not have been possible to send my daughters to a private school. I didn’t know that the program even existed, but after being made aware of the options available to my daughters, my hope was restored! Now, because of the scholarship and everyone involved to make them possible, my daughters can get the education they really need!

The scholarship has given my daughters the opportunity to learn things about the government in such a way that I believe they have a deeper appreciation for our country’s history. It changed their view and has encouraged them with a vision about what they can accomplish in the future.

My daughters are learning integrity, diligence, and, more than anything, the importance of heritage. They are being taught what standards mean, and it’s displayed through educated, supportive, compassionate individuals who selflessly pour love into my children and into all the children at Christian Heritage Academy each day!

“It helped me see that there is hope for the future…”

Every morning when I drop my children off at CHA, I am at peace knowing where they are and knowing who is teaching them. I am even now seeing the outcome of what they are being taught displayed in their character at home. Their knowledge and skills have improved. I see already the impact in their lives and on their relationships and friendships today.

I love the positive and safe learning environment my children are exposed to at CHA. They are being molded and shaped into something more beautiful, strong, and unique. They’re also learning life lessons now at the appropriate age. What a blessing it is that they will not have to make the mistakes I made, because they have a better foundation than I did at their age.

CHA is such a wonderful school and the Oklahoma scholarship program is like a breath of fresh air to those families looking for an answer in education for their precious children. It helped me see that there is hope for the future with programs like the opportunity scholarship fund.

I believe children in the program will have a better future and a better life because of such a great opportunity that has been given to them. I was once very afraid and concerned for the future of my children — until we found out about OSF. It was then that my hope was restored, and I am forever, forever grateful!


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