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My mom was a single parent with two kids. We could not afford to have our own house, so many times we lived at a friend’s house.

For much of my life, I did not have a father who provided what he should have. My mom had to play both roles and sacrificed everything for her children. She taught me that it does not matter what happens to you, it only matters how you react.

My experience in private school was so amazing! The teachers in middle school and high school were so intentional about being there for me whenever I needed them. If I was having a bad day, I could go to any of their classrooms and open up to them about what I was going through. There was one teacher who was very wise and helped me grow spiritually very much. I still speak with her, even though I live 14 hours away now.

The academics were amazing as well. I had to put a lot of effort in school in order to get good grades, but it prepared me very well for college. I have been at Lipscomb University for a month now, and so many times I think about how grateful I am for my high school. I feel very prepared in every area, but especially academically.

I had a very successful basketball career and learned a lot in high school. I am now a freshman at Lipscomb University, and God has led me down the path to be a civil engineer. I am still committed to growth and love learning new things every day. Life is not easy, but remember it’s not about what happens to you, it’s about how you react to it!

School choice is very important. Your morals are your foundation, and high school is the time when you begin to learn what your morals will be for your future. Having Godly men and women teach me and guild me helped me understand what I do and do not want for my life. The school I attended not only prepared me for college but for life as well.


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