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I was extremely grateful to be at a private school from third grade until my senior year in high school. To be honest, my life wasn’t always easy. I was bullied for a good portion of my elementary school years. I really felt like there was something wrong with me — as if there was something different inside of me.

I felt like an outsider. Because of this, I really didn’t have much of an appreciation for school. School was just a part of my life that I just ignored until it really mattered.

I was never really happy with myself and used to be alone and didn’t have many friends. But, there were always people in my life who believed in me, people who believed that I could do better in life and in school. Because of those people in my life who I don’t want to disappoint, I am trying to improve academically in my school life.

I attended Riverside Elementary for a few years. Public school is a lot different because the teachers there really didn’t care about me. What I mean by that is teachers didn’t care about whether I passed or failed. When I went to La Progresiva Presbyterian School, I quickly found that the teachers truly cared about me and were willing to do whatever it took for me succeed.

One of the people who believed in me was my principal, Mrs. Rego. I remember when she and I were having conversations about my grades. She asked why they were so low.  She went out of her way to have parent teacher conference with my mom and talk to her about my grades and what was going on in my life.

Mrs. Rego always looked at me with such admiration and belief, which pushed me to do better.  Because of her, I am doing better. She’s one of the main reasons why I keep trying in school. Teachers and principals like Mrs. Rego make this school one of the best schools I’ve been at and exactly what I needed to shape up my life for the better.

“One of the people who believed in me was my principal, Mrs. Rego.”

My plan for the future is to graduate La Progresiva Presbyterian School, then go to Miami Dade College and get a masters degree in computer programming, then, most likely become a programmer.

I haven’t fully decided on becoming a programmer. To be honest, my life has a few blanks. But if there’s one thing I do know, it is to trust God and to trust in the path that he set for me. So, even if His plan is different from mine, I’ll put my faith in Him and prepare for whatever He has in store for me.

Each choice you make from birth to death defines you. When I was very young, one of my sisters died. It was a big surprise to me and my family. But even through the tragedy my parents encouraged me to move forward.

Each choice you make can either build you up or make you fall apart. Nobody else has power over the choices you make, only you and you alone has the power to change your life with those choices. Now it’s up to you to let those choices build you up and make yourself a better person, or let those choices hurt you and your future. That’s why I believe everyone should have the choice to go to the school that is perfect for them.


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