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PROGRAM — Florida Tax Credit Scholarship

Our choices and paths define us and bring us to where we are whether we like it or not. Some people want to tell their stories but do not get the chance. But thanks to my choices and my path in life, I get the chance to tell some of my story here.

I had always been a lazy kid and never really cared much for school. Even up until recently, I never really did my homework or studied for quizzes and tests. I have been lucky enough to do pretty decently in school and pass every grade so far. Although these have been my choices, I have been learning and trying to change my path for a better future.

“My grades have gotten progressively better and it’s all thanks to the scholarship and the school.”

Since I received this scholarship and came to this school I have had the opportunity to change and have a great future. The teachers and classmates have given me the motivation and help I have need to do better.

Every year I do more of my homework. Every year I study a bit more. Every year I do better on my tests and quizzes. My grades have gotten progressively better and it’s all thanks to the scholarship and the school.

I used to think public schools were easier and they required less work. Also, that they caused less stress and less responsibility. I was not wrong. But are these things good? Would these things have led me to a better life? A better path?

Not at all. It would have only enabled me to stay the same, to not care, to never do my work, and to never learn everything I have been able to. I am undoubtedly aware that I am and have been better off because of my current school.

I haven’t had the hardest life, nor the easiest. But I am happy I was put in existence in the time that I was, in the place that I was, and in the family that I was brought up in. Every little thing has brought me to this point in my life — a point in my life where I have been the happiest and the luckiest.

I have had the honor to attend this school with wonderful teachers and students. My school has pushed me to do better. Seeing other students doing so well in school and getting so many opportunities for a better life has motivated me to do the same: to make a change and be a better person, introduce God into my life, and know how having the right people in one’s life really makes a difference.

All in all, the scholarship has given me the opportunity to learn from all of my wonderful teachers and friends. It has provided me with more than I could have ever asked for.

I am not the best writer or best student, but I try my best to show how thankful I am for the people that have been introduced into my life. I am not certain what would have become of me if not for the scholarship and my school. There are truly not enough words or essays that I could write to describe how grateful I am for this change in my life, for this path, my path.

I believe that every family should be able to make the choice of where to send their child to school. These years are very important in the life of a child and a parent should be encouraged to do what they think is best, just like my family did for me.


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