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PROGRAM — Opportunity Scholarship Program

Money. It drives the world. It can buy education, status, relationships, lifestyles. If you get the right job, you can get the perfect house, the perfect car, the perfect girl or guy, the perfect life. At least, this is what modern society teaches us. However, society does not equip us with the tools needed to achieve the so-called perfect life nor does it define a satisfactory one.

Did your high school education teach business ethics, college study habits, or give you corporate work experience? Did your high school teach you that you have a purpose to fulfill through faith and service? Many public schools in Oklahoma do not. Cristo Rey OKC Catholic High School is changing this lack of preparation.

In Oklahoma and across the nation, Cristo Rey Schools provide a college preparatory education paired with corporate work experience to create leaders of positive change.

When I first heard of Cristo Rey, I thought it was another Catholic private school I would never attend. My parents value my education and want to prepare me for college and a life of purpose. We headed to an Open House for Cristo Rey OKC in November of 2017 and that’s when we knew: Cristo Rey was the school for us.

“As a member of the first graduating class I am blazing trails in uncharted territories.”

I am able to attend Cristo Rey because of the generous donors who grant money to the school in order for low and middle-income families to attend a private college preparatory school. The school also partners with local organizations and corporate offices to help all students earn the majority of their own tuition by working one day a week in a corporate setting. The corporate work study program also provides each student with on hands business training that cannot be found elsewhere.

Without the unique model of education Cristo Rey OKC Catholic High School offers, I wouldn’t be able to attend a private school that prepares me for a future of purpose. As a member of the first graduating class I am blazing trails in uncharted territories; how many fourteen-year-old students that you know have worked to create evidence notebooks for law firm? Because of Cristo Rey OKC, I can write on my resume that I worked as a legal/administrative assistant for a renowned local law firm.

As a member of the founding class, I am moving mountains; did you ever imagine that a fifteen-year-old Mexican-Vietnamese girl would assist planning a 35-year anniversary open house for the local office of a nationwide construction management company? Because of Cristo Rey OKC I can tuck that wrench into my tool belt.

In an emerging multicultural and diverse nation, minorities should no longer regret their heritage or ethnicity for how it could detract from their quality of life. Thanks to the Cristo Rey Catholic High Schools across the nation, household income and ethnic background no longer hinder students from earning a high-quality high school education.

At Cristo Rey, each student learns to embody four core values; faith, knowledge, purpose, and service. We learn through faith to follow a life of purpose, challenging ourselves daily to serve others and grow in knowledge so that we can lead positive changes in each of our communities and across the globe for the coming generations.


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