PROGRAM — Equal Opportunity Scholarship Program

By Cooper’s Mom, Brandi:

I am forever grateful for the Opportunity Scholarship Fund (OSF) Scholarship for my son, Cooper. I struggled with my son being in the local public schools for four years and desperately wanted to get him out. Between the treatment from fellow students, large classroom sizes and the things he was exposed to, I was more than concerned. However, being a single mother, a full-time nursing student, and only being able to work part time hours, the numbers just didn’t add up for me to be able to send him anywhere but a public school.

I was then made aware of the OSF scholarship, which truly opened the door for so many opportunities for my son. Since he received the scholarship, I was able to enroll him in Tulsa Adventist Academy, the private school which I had desired for him to attend, and he is now thriving more than ever! He is making better grades, behaves better in the classroom and has really been able to make friends and feel comfortable in his classroom! This isn’t just about money to me; it is about the opportunity my son now has to show his strengths and to truly get the attention he needs and the education he deserves!

I feel it is important for parents to have a school choice for their children. Personally, I appreciate the opportunity to decide the environment in which my son will learn best. In our home, our relationship with God and our spiritual life are very important to us, and we are very thankful to have an opportunity to send our son to a school that promotes those same precious values. I believe that it’s important that everyone have the opportunity to make the choice which best suits their child and family needs! Thank you OSF for giving me the choice in the school that Cooper attends!


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