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PROGRAM — Work Experience

I grew up in public school, attending until high school, and it was really unstructured. When I got to Cristo Rey, it was a really big culture shock for me. I had a really hard time adjusting to everything here because it was so structured.

I am very grateful that I got the opportunity to attend Cristo Rey for high school because, while it wasn’t easy, I would much rather have struggles than just not learn anything. I remember in middle school, I was never in class ever. I just stayed in one teacher’s room all day and they never said anything to me. It’s quite different here.

This year, as part of my work-study, I work at the Bethany Children’s Center. I’ve worked there since sophomore year, and I love having the opportunity. It’s such a blessing to have that work experience, especially because they’ve told me that I have a job there when I’m done with college. That’s a good feeling. I’m thankful to my school for giving me that opportunity. I think there should be more Cristo Rey’s around the country and that other kids should be able to go to them.


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