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Press Release

West Virginia Supreme Court Sides With Families

Today, the West Virginia Supreme Court decisively affirmed parental rights in education, reversing a previous Circuit Court injunction on the Hope Scholarship Program and opening the door for families across the state to access flexible education opportunities.

The American Federation for Children congratulates West Virginia parents and school choice advocates on their relentless fight to pass the state’s first private school choice program in 2021. AFC is proud to stand behind families as they now explore the unlimited opportunity that is coming to the Mountain State.

Statement from Tommy Schultz, CEO of the American Federation for Children:

“We are thrilled for every family in West Virginia who now has access to the opportunities that education freedom brings. With this ruling, yet another court has confirmed that school choice is constitutional, and lawmakers in every state should look to follow the example of courageous West Virginia legislators who chose to fund students, not systems.”Details:

  • Passed in 2021, West Virginia’s Hope Scholarship program is the second most expansive education savings account (ESA) program in the nation.
  • Families with children transferring from public school or eligible or required to be enrolled in a kindergarten program can apply for a flexible account that can cover tuition, therapies, tutoring, and other educational expenses
  • The Hope Scholarship amount for the 2022-23 year will be $4,298.60.


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