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Press Release

Arizona School Choice Now Officially Universal

Today, school choice expansion became official in Arizona, with the Secretary of State’s office announcing that opponents would not meet the minimum signature requirement to stop the program and send it to the ballot. Now, Arizona’s Empowerment Scholarship Accounts will be available to every student in the state.

The American Federation for Children congratulates Arizona parents and advocates on their courageous fight for school choice, and we are excited to continue standing with them to ensure every family knows the opportunities that are now available.

Statement from Steve Smith, Arizona State Director of the American Federation for Children:

“Today marks the culmination of what thousands of families across the state have spent years fighting for. After several exceedingly challenging years with learning loss and grown-up politics getting in the way, the students have won. We are thrilled to know that all 1.1 million Arizona students will now have access to unlimited educational opportunities that school choice brings.”

Statement from Tommy Schultz, CEO of the American Federation for Children:

“Arizona is now the national standard-bearer for education freedom, and we’re thrilled to have stood behind Arizona parents and advocates for years as they achieved this resounding victory. Elected officials in every state should look to Arizona leaders like Gov. Ducey, Rep. Toma, and others for their political courage and look to follow their example.”



  • Arizona’s ESA is now available for the 1.1 million eligible families across the state, making Arizona the broadest school choice state in the nation.
  • Arizona’s ESA program allows parents to receive scholarships by re-directing their current education tax dollars for expenses, such as private school tuition, resources for schooling at home, online curriculum, education therapies, tutoring, and more.
  • The ESA amount is expected to be approximately $7,000 per student per year.


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