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I enrolled my child in an online homeschool program and I’m so happy that I did. I saw the trends arising in the local schools in Ohio and was moving to AZ. The Ohio school my child was enrolled in admitted to not having enough staff to appropriately supervise the children during recess. My child was being bullied and beaten, even threatened with rape by a group of older children of the same sex.

My child’s confidence level and autonomy have greatly improved with the change. We also do not want to be mandated to get the vaccine, because of our religious beliefs. I foresaw the possible “train wreck” approaching and kept him homeschooled after the move to AZ. The Governor here is doing what he can to help. However, our child never attended public school here, so we didn’t qualify to receive help. I don’t mind as he is safe and well-adjusted with his homeschooling. I feel it’s the best choice I could’ve made for him during these times.

“As parents, we should be able to choose the best education for our children.”

As parents, we should be able to choose the best education for our children. It is solely our responsibility to keep them safe until they are adults and to teach them what they will need to know to be successful in life. We all come from diverse backgrounds and as a whole that is what makes our country strong. Being different and knowledgeable in different ways makes us a more well-rounded community.


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