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PROGRAM — School Tuition Organization

Thomas is extremely intelligent, kind, and faithful. He loves to be challenged academically. Thomas loves his friends at school and he calls them his other family. Thomas loves to learn about our Lord and his ability to remember Bible stories is extraordinary.

I also attended First Southern Christian School as a child, from preschool through fourth grade. Soon after, my parents divorced and could no longer afford to send me to a private school. I was never taken to church as a child, so my faith was built within those walls. I had some terrible circumstances and fell pregnant at 14. I had my son at 15 and chose to keep him.

I send my four children to First Southern Christian School because I want them to have a place to come when they are lost. I want them to build their faith in addition to what they learn in church on Sundays. I want them to have the same morals and principles I was taught. I want my children to understand the importance of God in their everyday life, not just on Sundays.

“…we found out we could send our kids to a private school and that changed everything!”

I am so thankful for the opportunity to send my children to a private school. I would not be able to without scholarships. I hope all families who are interested could exercise this opportunity. The school we are assigned to by ZIP code is very rough. I have heard nothing but horror stories from my neighbors. I am so happy to be able to send my children to a school where they are safe and comfortable.

Having school choice means everything to my family. We were thinking of buying a house in a nicer area just for the schools. We were unable to do that and I was stressing out! But we found out we could send our kids to a private school and that changed everything!


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