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PROGRAM — Charter School

Rayna is a great student! She procrastinates a bit but always gets her work done. She doubts herself, but always comes home with good grades. One of the top things I love about her school is their hatred of bullies. They have cameras with microphones so they can hear and see every side of the story, and they will not hesitate to kick a student out of school if they see fit. I also love the uniforms! It makes them all equal so that there is no bullying going on about who’s brand is better. They all look the same and no one is better than another.

My child has been getting better grades since moving to this school. They care so much about education and the classes are smaller so the teachers can help our children easier and see what they need help on. It gives them a lot more one-on-one time.

I do believe more families should have the same privilege I’ve had in exercising school choice because in other public schools it’s very messy, but not here. The policies for COVID-19 let me know that my child is safe here. The advice I would leave for others who view or hear my child’s story is to be prepared for a school that knows what they’re doing. They listen to complaints or any suggestions you have.

“School choice to me means better education and happiness.”

School choice to me means better education and happiness. Kids hardly ever get bullied in schools like this one, because they handle it so well. The teachers pay attention more and actually care about their student’s education, unlike some public school teachers.  This school prepares our kids for college, and what to expect in the real world.


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