PROGRAM — School Tuition Organization

Camilla is six years old and this is her second year at Loretto. She is a bright child who loves to learn.

I chose Loretto because I want her to serve the Lord and learn about him. I love the school because the classrooms are not as big as they are in a public school and because they put God first. They also teach you morals and respect for one another. I like that you get your education and religion at the same time. My daughter has come a long way with her attitude she is more understanding and patient.

The difference school choice made for my child and family is getting closer to God and learning about him with my child, being more involved in her school and with church.  I like that I can talk about the Lord to my daughter and she understands who He is.

Yes, I believe everyone should be able to get school choice privileges because it’s an awesome experience to have with your child and family. I recommend this to every family because the way the world is children need to get closer to the Lord Jesus. Not only kids but families must come together and have faith so eventually all that’s happening in our environment goes away.

“School choice means choosing what works best for a child.”

School choice means choosing what works best for a child. I wanted education and religion all in one. Learning both will help the children grow into better adults with morals and respect. It also means investing in your child’s future with good schooling in both religion and education. Camilla has had A’s and B’s since she started at Loretto K-1st grade. They really go out of their way for your children.


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