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PROGRAM — Charter School

Emily is a great student! She’s a hard worker and tries her best even when things get hard. She is a very kind and very loving person.

I chose for her to go to Tucson International Academy because they help the kids get into a good college. The top three things I like about the school is they do not play around when it comes to grades and late work. The teachers are wonderful and nice. I like how they wear uniforms to prevent kids from being picked on for wearing the same thing. Overall, I like the school my child attends.

Emily has been getting better grades. She has found better friends to hang out with and has better people influencing her life when she’s not at home. She’s just been doing so much better at school and at home.

“She’s just been doing so much better at school and at home.”

I believe more families should have the same privilege I’ve had in exercising school choice because I think it’s all up to the parent to see how the child acts at other schools. At public schools she was in before, they weren’t very strict and didn’t keep an eye out on all the kids due to the large classroom sizes. With charter schools, it’s a little bit easier to keep an eye out for the kids.

School choice means better education and happiness because you get to choose whatever you want to do in life – it could literally be anything. These kids have a lot of careers to choose from and have many of different colleges to look at and see what really fits them and what careers they want. I am grateful that my child’s teacher emailed us this opportunity and that its been an excellent experience for Emily.


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