PROGRAM — Homeschool

My oldest daughter attended Kindergarten and first grade at the public school near our home. She had loving and caring teachers who taught her well, and the school had fun after school activities and events. In my opinion, it was the best the public school system had to offer, and I’ll be forever grateful for that experience.

So why wasn’t it something I wanted to continue for my family? It mainly stemmed from the plain fact that my daughter spent more time with other adults who were molding and shaping her life than she was with me. I brought this child into the world, and I more than anyone else had the greatest stake in her future.

My husband and I decided that after she finished the first grade, we would homeschool! So much research, time, and self-doubt went into our decision, but we steamed ahead. It’s been eight years since we began this school at home adventure, making many adjustments and curriculum changes along the way.

My oldest daughter was the family homeschooling trailblazer, followed by her younger sisters and brothers. I knew homeschooling would allow us to learn at our own pace, include God in our lessons, and give us the freedom to travel. I didn’t know homeschooling would draw our family so close. With all the activities our kids are involved in, (sports teams, music lessons, dance classes, 4-H clubs, and church groups) there would be precious little time left after a seven plus hour public school day to devote to the most important thing we have on earth — our families.

Relationships are built on time spent together, and homeschooling has allowed us an amount of time together that is unprecedented in today’s world


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