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PROGRAM — Nevada Opportunity Scholarship

Hello my name is Irene Mejia. I’m a parent from St. Anne Catholic School. My children are Luis Martinez and Kevin Martinez. We moved from Maryland to Nevada in August 2014. They have been attending to St. Anne since 2014.

We did not receive scholarships for the year of 2019/2020, but we did for the year before. I’m really thankful for that year because my family and I were going through a very hard situation. My husband had an accident, couldn’t work, lost his job. We lost everything and I was in bed rest.

Everything seemed to be falling apart to the point where we’d decide to send the kids to a public school. The kids and I moved back to Maryland during summer vacation, planning to start public school there. My husband was supposed to meet us by the end of summer. Then, parents from school told us about the scholarship. We attended the meeting and applied.

Three days before the new school year started, we got a letter saying that we were approved for the scholarship. Honestly, we cried, but they were tears of joy. We found out a way to come back home to Nevada.

Here we are. Kevin is graduating this year from eighth grade. My family and I are very thankful for the opportunity. Thank you very much for advocating for school choice.


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