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PROGRAM — Nevada Opportunity Scholarship

By Logan’s Dad, David:

My son Logan was doing OK in a charter school, getting averages of C’s in his classes. He felt he was piled down with hours of homework each night and didn’t feel he had enough time to be a kid after school. He was also experiencing a lot of bullying and this made his daily school life a lot harder.

We looked into some private schools and found one that was a fit for him and we were told that, do to our income, we would qualify for a scholarship that would make it possible for Logan to attend. We do not have the income to pay for private school out of our own pocket and we were very happy to hear that there was help.

We were approved for a scholarship and my son has never been happier. He now has time to be a kid after school. No one bullies him at this school, as they keep a close eye on all students and do group discussions about bullying and how it effects others. The best part is, since he is at a private school, he is getting a lot more help with his school work and he has now maintained a 3.5 GPA for the last two years!

We couldn’t be more proud. My son has a sense of accomplishment and knowledge that he can succeed in school. His future is brighter thanks to school choice!


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