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PROGRAM — Nevada Opportunity Scholarship

By Lilly’s Mom, Wendy:

My daughter Lilly was not doing well in public school. She was overwhelmed and felt nervous all the time. She was just not happy. She would cry just at the thought of school and her grades began to drop.

When we found Applied Scholastics Academy of Las Vegas, we found the perfect school. Small classroom sizes, one on one time with the teachers and no risk of bullying. She fell in love with the school right away and wanted to attend.

After reviewing the cost of the tuition, materials and registration fees, I realized that it was just out of my price range. I just could not afford it on our income. I was then informed by the Executive Director that there is a scholarship program I can apply for that would cover some if not all of the cost. I applied and my daughter was given a full scholarship.

Because of this scholarship, my daughter has been able to attend Applied Scholastics Academy of Las Vegas for the last three years and has succeeded beyond my expectations. She is now in the fifth grade, she has maintained a 4.0 GPA all three years, her test scores are in the 95th percentile, and she is the happiest kid.

Lilly loves her teacher, her classmates, and feels like she can do anything. She can learn new things, create, and be herself. I am so happy to see her doing well and loving attending school! Thank you to the scholarship and school for making my child’s educational experience an amazing one!


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