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PROGRAM — Milwaukee Parental Choice Program

Mom’s Thoughts

My daughter has been attending Granville Lutheran School since K4 (Kindergarten for age 4).  Additionally, all of my children have graduated from Granville. My older two are now in high school and I can say without a doubt that Granville set them up for success. Therefore, I know my last three children are going to get the same wonderful education and be successful when they leave Granville to go to high school.

Granville is different from other schools because it offers family-oriented education. Two of my kids have ADHD. Needless to say, I was worried about their learning obstacles. Despite the school not being one that specifically caters to learning disabilities, they took time to figure out what my kids needed to be able to successfully accomplish their goals. The school made sure to talk to me and my kids to truly comprehend their individual situations. A school that goes out of its way to help each kid is where I want my children to be.

My Thoughts

My mom has six children including me. My mom wanted to make sure that we all had a reliable education. That is a hard task with just one child, imagine it with six.  If we didn’t have the Milwaukee Parental Choice Program Voucher as an option, we would have to attend a public school because my mom couldn’t afford to pay tuition for all of us. Parents should be able to choose whatever school they want no matter their income. Some schools are good for some students, but not for all students.


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