PROGRAM — Charter school

The charter school my daughter is attending has greatly impacted my daughter in a positive way. Tomorrow River Community Charter School is different from any other school we have tried. The school offers a different learning approach that incorporates environmental learning, music, early language courses, and a plethora of hands-on crafts and hobbies. I have found that this environment works very well for my daughter.

She has been able to explore her interests and take many classes that have not been offered to her before. She has learned botany, knitting, and how to play a recorder, none of which are offered around here at a regular public school. Not only has she has benefited from this type of learning environment, but she actually enjoys learning around her interest. This charter school really puts kids first and I absolutely love their unique learning approach.

All families should be able to choose the right school for them so they can truly enjoy learning. We have gone from private school, homeschool, to public school, and luckily finally found a charter school we love. I can now see that my child actually has a great interest in learning when it hasn’t been that way before. All kids learn in different ways. My daughter tried three different options before we found the right fit for her.

Children may have different learning environments that work best for them; they should have the opportunity to find an environment they love. I love having the opportunity to be able to choose according to the needs of my child. Watching my daughter struggle in the past and seeing how far she has come has really made me happy. I think that others should be able to experience this as well.


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