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PROGRAM — Milwaukee Parental Choice Program

My daughter Naomi has been able to attend a much better middle school thanks to the Milwaukee Parental Choice Program. It is also thanks to the opportunity to choose her school that she will be able to attend a great high school as well.

My daughter has been able to thrive exponentially since attending Granville Lutheran school. Naomi’s classrooms are much smaller than in a public school. The environment at her school is just more personable which makes the students and teachers more comfortable. The teachers really care about not only her being a successful student, but they also care about the person she is becoming.

Since attending Granville, she has blossomed into a happy smiling young lady.  I have seen her confidence grow over the past couple of years. My daughter has always been a little introverted, but recently she has been able to come out of her shell and speak up when necessary. I think her biggest change has been the amount of confidence my daughter now exudes. My daughter has only changed for the better since attending a school of her choice.

My child should have the ability to go to a great school no matter where we live or regardless of how much I make. Something as trivial as money should never hold back any child who has the drive to succeed. There are kids who live in great neighborhoods who automatically get to go to better schools just because of their zip code. At the same time, there are kids living in less affluent neighborhoods who are subjected to failing schools.

This system separates our kids based on wealth early on, creating a perpetual divide that must be stopped. The more kids are separated like this the bigger the difference it will become. We need to make sure all kids get to go to the best schools for them. They should never be lost or forgotten about. All parents should have the right to pick a school that is best for their child and family.


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