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My granddaughter, Marquesha, is attending Bright Futures Academy. She stays with me. I was sharing with my neighbor how Marquesha’s grades just weren’t up to par, so she told me about Bright Futures. I came to the school and met Gayle and Philip. Marquesha at that time was in the 6th grade. She started at Bright Futures in the 7th grade and she’s been here ever since. Her grades before Bright Futures were C’s and F’s, but now she’s a straight A student.

Before coming to Bright Futures, Marquesha had a hard time concentrating. Now, she has a classroom that is less crowded, and she gets more attention from the teachers. They help her with things that she is struggling with.

“She’s getting an amazing education here.”

Marquesha gets a scholarship to help pay for tuition. I would not have been able to afford the tuition without it. She’s getting an amazing education here. If she hadn’t come here, I know she would be struggling. I don’t think she would have that much of an education, because she wasn’t learning anything before. But when she came here, she started learning more, grasping concepts and understanding them. The teachers work with her closely. If she was struggling, they would even come on a Saturday and stay after school to help. The other schools, because they are so crowded and there are so many students, the teachers don’t have the time to focus on the students.

“If she was struggling, they would even come on a Saturday and stay after school to help.”

Giving back to my granddaughter and being able to put her in a healthy school environment, it gives me a lot of ease because I know she’s getting a good education and the foundation she needs to be successful in life and growing up to be an adult. It means a lot.

My great-grandson, his mother graduated from this school. He’s going to be coming here too. Also, I have three nieces and a nephew that attended Bright Futures as well. They’re all in college now and doing well.

Bright Futures helps kids go to college and get them on the right track, where otherwise they wouldn’t be on the right track. I like that it’s a spiritual school. That helps a lot. They believe in prayer.

I think if you have a child who is struggling, if they come to Bright Futures, I guarantee within two months, you’ll definitely see a difference. The child will be more calm and relaxed, because one thing they don’t tolerate is bullying. A lot of that is going on in the schools and the kids can’t concentrate. They don’t tolerate that here. If your child needs help, they won’t embarrass that child. They’ll pull them aside and make sure they get one-on-one help. I think that happens a lot when a child reaches a certain age, they get embarrassed because they can’t read as well as another child or are not as proficient in math. The teachers at Bright Futures will help. My granddaughter is shy and Bright Futures has pulled that shyness out. She is speaking out now and feeling more confident. She has more confidence in herself.

“If she would have stayed in the school she was in before, she wouldn’t be graduating with the grades she had.”

My granddaughter is graduating this year. She’s smart too. If she would have stayed in the school she was in before, she wouldn’t be graduating with the grades she had. She was an F and C student. Now, she’s a straight-A student! She’s getting ready to go to college. Thank you to Bright Futures because I didn’t know where to go, where to turn. They have helped out this community a lot. We need more schools like Bright Futures and people like Gayle and Philip who care about the children.

“School choice to me means a better education for my granddaughter…”

The kids go on field trips that I couldn’t even imagine taking my granddaughter on. They have camps during the summer, they take them swimming. Now she’s a great swimmer, a strong swimmer, and that’s important to be able to swim. They have done so much to help the kids and my granddaughter.

School choice to me means a better education for my granddaughter and the other kids. You have a choice, you can send your kids to other schools. It might work for some people, but it didn’t work for my family. Bright Futures worked for my family.


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