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PROGRAM — Milwaukee Choice Program

I was born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I’m currently about to enroll in college to major in pre – pharmacy. I’m going to be a pharmacist and author.

My family is divided. We’re all across the country. Most don’t live near. I do have both parents here in Milwaukee and I split my time with my mom and dad. I just make do with my friends.

My first experience with school was horrible. I remember running out of my k-4 class crying. I never did like school. Some things don’t ever change I guess. However, Milwaukee Lutheran high school was very welcoming. I made a good group of friends and never felt like an outsider.

I attended a private school because it was the best option for me at the time. I had to either go to James Madison, an MPS school, and not get the best learning experience, or go to Milwaukee Lutheran and get a good education. Sometimes I wish I went to a good public school primarily because of the resources. Private schools sometimes have fewer programs and resources – at least that was my experience. I don’t feel like I had access to the same outside programs or college organizations that could help me as did some kids in public school. Most of the best programs and resources are reserved for the public schooling system. Those should be available for kids in both private and public schools.

My Lutheran high school centered on God and Christianity. It definitely made my faith life stronger.

Education is power. The education you receive is the key to a good job and lifestyle. It matters to me because it’s the tool that’s going to help me get to where I want to be. I learned that education is the key to gaining everything I desire in life. I learned this myself as I matured.

The Milwaukee choice program was the only way I was able to go to my private school. Families deserve school choice. It will give kids a different learning experience. Everyone deserves a chance!


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