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I attended public schools and it was great. But I was looking for smaller classes because I’m very claustrophobic and I wasn’t really okay with big classes, getting lost in the hallways. There was also bullying.

When I realized that Calvary had 12 students per class, that was a plus. I really like small classes. It’s easier because you have more friends and you know everybody. In Washington, I knew nobody in my class. It’s nice to have so little people in your class where you can build relationships with them, talk to them and get to know them better.

My parents knew Calvary was the right choice for me, but when it came to the money, it was like, “can we really do this or can we not?” But I feel really blessed to have the Boost program help me and my family. Now, my brother attends the school. It’s really cool that we’re able to afford two students’ tuition which can get pretty expensive.

When I first came to Calvary, I had so many choices because there are a lot of schools around me, but I felt nice that I was able to choose whichever one I could go to. I picked Calvary and I’ve loved it ever since.

I want to thank everybody for supporting the Boost program and families like me.


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