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PROGRAM — Empowerment Scholarship Accounts Program

We were able to continue to pay for required vision therapy for our youngest who has difficulties with her reading. Given the option of being able to seek out necessary therapy has brought her empowerment and positive change. She can now read more comfortably, feels like she has control over her challenges and isn’t so discouraged about school (or that she is stupid). The local school district cannot help her and her therapy isn’t covered under her insurance; so ESA was her only option.

We continue to marvel at simple things. Recently, we noticed a remarkable change. She can run! Every nine year old should be able to run, right? Since her toddlerhood, when she would attempt to run very far, she would fall. Her pediatricians couldn’t figure this out and said maybe she would grow out of it. Eventually, she just stopped trying to run causing other kids to mock her and grown ups to challenge us as to what was “wrong” with her. Well, before eye therapy, her eye problems didn’t allow her to compensate for fast movement. Now, she has started to run for fun!


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