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I am a middle school computer technology and high school CTE animation & web design mentor/teacher at Leadership Academy of Nevada. I also support one to one IEP students assisting them with their assignments in all of their classes.

I have been an educator for 21 years. I have worked in urban and international brick and mortar schools. I am an American living overseas with my non-American husband most of the year but need to have the freedom now to travel back home to the states to take care of my elderly parents, while still being able to stay in my career of choice, this is what makes my school a perfect fit for me. I began working online so that I could be there for my family more as their care needs grew.

Working with an online school has given me the opportunity to work with wonderful students and colleagues while still being able to support my elderly parents and living between the two countries. Despite our being an online school, we have face to face classes which allows me to get to know each student I teach. Since we are learning from our homes, students and mentors alike share a little of each others’ lives.

I have been able to bond with the students and understand them even more than my previous brick and mortar students since they feel safe to open up more. Because we collaborate using Google Suite, I am able to be there for their learning no matter where I am, providing quality instructions, working on assignments together, or just to meet up and hang out together.

The mentors/teachers at my school are great at being there for each other. It doesn’t matter if its personal, related to a student, or something to celebrate. We are all there for one another caring and supportive. In my prior 20 years of teaching, I have never worked at a place where everyone cares and helps out like my current school.

“Some children have a unique need or learning style that their residential school cannot provide for, this is why schools of choice are so vital.”

Because we are there for each other, we are able to meet our students’ needs better. So many mentors are willing to be here for one another and help support the students at our school. When our students are going through rough times, we know about it, we are there for them, and we send our support to them and their families. When they have successes in their lives, we are right there with them and their families congratulating them. Our mentor teams and students are the best!

All children deserve to have quality education and an opportunity for a successful future. Lower-income children should have the same rights and privileges as higher-income children, an opportunity to study at the best schools in a safe environment where gaining knowledge and skills is all they need to focus on. Some children have a unique need or learning style that their residential school cannot provide for, this is why schools of choice are so vital. With the many life situations that can rob our children from having exceptional education, schools of choice can eliminate these dilemmas for them. Picking the right school to meet children’s needs where their knowledge and skills are the focus gives them equal opportunities for a successful future.

I have been teaching technology for the past 15 years and have used my technology knowledge throughout my 21 years as an educator. One thing I have noticed with online schools, they lack quality technology courses, and the few schools that have offered technology courses have primarily focused on the ubiquitous gaming instead of caliber technical content that will prepare students for their future. Education around the world is calling out for more female educators to be role models for girls in math, science, and technology. As a female educator, it is an honor to educate students regardless of their gender, so they can be successful in the world of technology today, and be developers of all the possibilities for tomorrow.


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