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As a parent, I have a close relationship with my child’s teacher and school administration to stay abreast of the necessary changes in regards to my child’s education. Although the COVID-19 policies transformed our relationship, it is just as important to maintain an even closer online relationship with our school’s team.

Prior to the shut-down, University Prep Academy Mark Murray Elementary nourished an outstanding environment for education and the COVID-19 pandemic did not stop their passion. Since the shut-down UPA/Mark Murray has not missed a beat. This school continued to provide the same nurturing relationship to my children via online.

UPA/Mark Murray Elementary is a community within a community. The principal, the staff and other parents all cultivate an environment built on love, support and motivation for higher learning. Classroom schedules, All School Crew Sessions, cards, handwritten letters mailed to my child, home-based laptops and food distributions has expressed Mark Murray determination to provide an outstanding educational experience for my child. I LOVE this school, because they first LOVE us! They CARE!!!

UPA/Mark Murray Elementary Charter School utilizes the education opportunity as a community-based experience which means the entire year, from child to parent and vice versa, everyone is learning how to improve throughout the school year.

Thank you for the opportunity to Brag on our elementary!


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