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PROGRAM — Louisiana Scholarship Program

Why did you become an educator?

I became an educator because I knew it would be a rewarding job. To see children blossom year after year and to know I was part of the grow is very rewarding. I love seeing those brains grow with knowledge and when things get challenging my students always persevere through. It’s rewarding knowing I am shaping these little individuals to become successful adults. I try to make learning fun as much as possible. Great memories of learning give them a great outlook of school, since I am one of their first teachers.

What do you love about your school?

I feel my school treats children as a unique child of God. When you walk into the doors everyone is very welcoming and out going. Many of the teachers have been teaching there for several years and have taught generations of students, which is awesome. Parents have the confidence knowing that the same teacher has been at the school for awhile.

Why is it important that lower income children can attend schools of choice?

I believe all children should have the opportunity to attend any school regardless of income. Children are our future and if we want them to be successful in life we need to give them the best opportunity possible to achieve their success. We need to show them that everybody and anybody can achieve as long as they put their mind to it!


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