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Catholic education has always been something that I’ve been blessed to have grown up with. It was always an option in my family. Before I knew it, my eldest brother went to college and my other brother went to Creighton Prep, which left my little brother and me in a Catholic grade school. Both of my parents started working extra hours, and I knew in seventh grade that I wanted to receive a scholarship hoping to take a little stress off of my parents.

With the amazing resources and support from my teachers at my grade school, my hard work and grades paid off and I was able to receive a scholarship to Marian High School. It felt so good to finally help my parents with the blessing I had previously taken for granted.

Catholic education is one of the biggest blessings in my life and I pray that everybody can have it as a choice. Catholic education has not only made my knowledge in God stronger, but it also set values in me that I do not think I would’ve learned elsewhere. I have learned to always respect my teachers, God, and my classmates. I have learned to constantly be kind and grateful. I have learned how to build my religious life, which has made me a better person. I learned that my education is valuable, so I need to work hard and try my hardest for good grades. I have learned what it is like to be apart of a loving community.

Community is one key aspect that Catholic schools provide that everyone in my family is thankful for. I cannot emphasize how thankful I am to attend a Catholic school, and I really hope that every person has the choice of Catholic education because it has taught me so many valuable lessons and prepared me well for my future.


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