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PROGRAM — Charter School

I am a teacher. My school is in a community that is located in Buckeye Arizona. PDMA is a school that has been operating for more than four years and has grown little by little.

Charter schools provide a more personalized education in a more familiar environment, where students feel more comfortable and with less pressure on their learning process. In my school, the system is much better in my opinion because it is Montessori, children learn at their own pace and in a more didactic way. I love it!

They give the students the right to work at their own pace and choose from an early age what topics interest them the most, so they can develop and understand them more easily. That awakens their cognitive and exploratory sense.

Our team works hand in hand with families and makes a tremendous effort so that our students receive the best education possible, but above all, the family environment that helps them thrive. Because when both children and parents should feel comfortable, there will be greater voluntary participation in different types of activities and positive interaction between the school, the parents and the student.

We all have the right to a quality education. We must encourage and motivate students. They will be the future.


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