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PROGRAM — Milwaukee Choice Program

My name is Richard Bradley, I’m from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and right now I’m finishing up my high school classes online preparing for college. My parents have been married 21 years, I have an older brother and a younger brother who’s my cousin but we adopted him so he’s my brother.

My first experience with school was good. I went to a school around the corner from my house called Clara Barton and I went there from k5 up until 5th grade. Then I went to a private middle school and my parents thought the education there would be better than a public school.

What makes Pius unique for one is it’s diverse and the way the classes are set up it’s not just straight classes all day every day, you get free periods to either eat, socialize or get work done. The quality of the school is important to me and my family because we feel you need to get a good education to be successful in life. Since my sophomore year in high school I’ve received scholarships that have helped us pay for school.

This fall I’ll be going to UW Platteville studying engineering. I want to become an engineer after college, but I am still unsure on what kind. In high school we have an engineering program called PLTQ and I feel that should prepare me for college education.

Other kids should get school choice options because if they’re serious about school, they should be surrounded by other people who are just as serious as them. Also, if they want to learn about religion, they should go to a private school because public schools can’t teach about religion.


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