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PROGRAM — Traditional Public District School

My experience as an educator has been quite fulfilling. I’ve always been around great people who have helped me become a great teacher. I’ve experienced both high school and middle school levels and have accomplished so much not only as a science teacher but then transitioning into a physical education teacher.

Education is important to me because it’s our kids’ foundation. I wanted to become a part of education so I can make my mark on children the way some if my teachers did on me. Also, with being a coach sometimes you have to help coach kids through life.

The students that I serve are in an at risk community, so many kids need a lot of attention. But that makes it all worthwhile when you see kids overcome adversity.

I have a student whose mother passed away when she was in the fourth grade. She was residing with her grandparents. When she came to middle school, all she wanted to do was fight. But the girl could run…so I asked for her to get in pre athletics. She did, but she still had her troubles. At the end of the school year, I told her she would have to get put on a behavioral contract to continue in athletics. I kept a pretty good leash on her and in seventh grade, she got better attitude-wise and as an athlete. By eighth grade, she wanted to tell me about all her good grades and when she passed any tests I was the first one to know. This student wrote a letter about how I was her favorite teacher. She’s now about to head to ninth grade and the maturity level I’ve witness and watched has me amazed.

Children from lower income families should be able to attend schools of choice just as children from wealthier families because it’s necessary that they be just as successful.


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