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PROGRAM — Charter School

We started looking into public school alternatives before our daughter began at the kindergarten level. We felt it was important to pursue an alternative to public school education. We spoke with a lot of parents that were sending their children to charter schools and were motivated to do the same.

We like that charter schools tend to have smaller class sizes along with better teacher to student ratios. We were able to find a charter school that has a K-12 education foundation. We feel that the level of education, along with the focus from the teachers, is at a high level.

Charter schools provide a great option for any family looking for an alternative to public schooling regardless of income. Stephanie has attended two separate charter schools. Each of the charter schools that she has attended have staff that are goal oriented. Communication is always a priority from teachers and staff. An important piece, is that our daughter is always excited to go to school day after day.


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