PROGRAM — Charter School

I started my journey in education as an early educator at my children’s private school. I worked with twos and threes at that time. During this ten-year progression, I homeschooled my junior high school son. I gradually moved up to working with first graders as a paraprofessional. I did this while going to school to get my degree in education.

I have been teaching for seven years, starting with kindergarten, looping up with them to first and then moving on to second grade a couple years later. I love the second grade! I have only taught in the charter system and feel that the fit is perfect.

Education is such a valuable tool for everyone to access. Students need to be able to think for themselves, problem solve, and develop their own strategies for success. We utilize these strategies at Edison. The school is project based and challenges students to creatively think about how to figure out a problem. Our curriculum is thematic, and my students usually share the end results with our kindergarten class.

Parents are important at Edison. We know that parents are the first educator and often determine whether a child will enjoy coming to school. We encourage parent involvement whether in class or during the monthly parent meetings in the hopes that every child in our school will build a love for learning. We use the growth mindset and refer to it throughout the school year.

Families want the best for their kids. When given the choice, parents chose the best fit for the kids and their families.


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