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PROGRAM — Louisiana Scholarship Program

By Nadia’s grandmother, Michele.

I just want to say on behalf of my granddaughter Nadia LaRae Munson, we are so grateful and blessed to have been chosen as a recipient of the scholarship.

Nadia’s first year at False River Academy was the “bomb dot com” as she described!  My baby absolutely loves her new school, the students, and her teachers. She never had a day that she did not want to be there, I promise you.

 When asked by her family members if she has friends there she says, “My whole class are my friends”.  

Nadia has become more outgoing since attending False River Academy and she wants to participate in all the activities that they offer. I am so pleased for the opportunity she has been given. With that being said, I am sending her little brother to False River Academy this year as well.  Noah has started the Pre-K4 grade level as well!!  

Gooo Gators!!!!


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