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PROGRAM — Opportunity Scholarship Program

I support scholarships and school choice because of my son. He wants to go to college. And based on his learning abilities, he cannot bypass going to college. I want him to be in a school that can prepare him for college. I do not feel he will have that opportunity in the public schools, given how he learns. 

“Even if it weren’t for my own child, I would fight for other parents to have choices.”

Right now he attends Faith Lutheran. He is doing much better than in his past school. He started behind but is doing much better now. He is becoming more confident. He was always athletic, but now he is thriving academically too. That gives him a lot of confidence. 

Even if it weren’t for my own child, I would fight for other parents to have choices. I also have a kindergartener. I already have one child in private school and there is no way I could afford private school for two children. Knowing private school is a choice means I know that my daughter’s choice is secure. But right now we do not have a choice, so neither does she. 

Families must not give up on fighting for school choice. Children that will benefit are our future. They could fund this kind of opportunity for others some day. Why take that away from them? Kids are what counts.


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