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PROGRAM — Milwaukee Parental Choice Program

The choice scholarships allow families like mine to choose a quality education without hassle for our kids. My children benefit from the choice scholarship in so many ways. We love the structure of Granville Lutheran, the family-like environment,  and most importantly the caring and nurturing teachers and staff. Our school also ensures that there is constant communication and rapport built each and every year with everyone. When we have questions they actively listen to our concerns and because of that, we are able to solve problems immediately. Having that constant communication is invaluable to my family.

The school our children attend offers a superb education and helps them to reach higher standards for themselves. This is coupled with religious lessons that hold the children accountable while allowing them to grow into their best selves. The teachers at Granville are not only educating our children, but they are doing it while they incorporate playing, and exploring into the classroom. They make learning more fun. These are just a few of the great reasons Granville Lutheran has been the absolute BEST choice for my family.

Families should be able to choose a school and education for their children. All children learn at different levels and have different styles for how they learn. A family should be able to pick schools that best suit their children’s individual needs. When looking for a school, we are not just looking for one that will educate our kids. We are looking for one that will work with our family to achieve the best outcome for our children. Every family should have this choice.


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