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PROGRAM — Milwaukee Parental Choice Program

I became an educator because I wanted to do something meaningful and rewarding. My parents were both teachers so I knew what to expect. I had other jobs before that just left me feeling dissatisfied. I thought I would be good at teaching and decided that I would pursue education.

I currently am an art teacher at Granville Lutheran School in  Milwaukee. I love my school because of our coordination. My school is pretty small and everyone knows everyone; Because of that, it seems like we are all a big family. All the teachers cooperate to improve outcomes for as many students as possible. We do lots of fun activities to keep staff and students engaged and it seems there is always something fun to look forward to.

I think that lower-income families having the ability to choose a school is very important. I think parents really need choices. For those families who want their children in public schools that is okay. However, families who don’t want their children in public school for whatever reason should be able to choose a different system. Choice schools like ours usually try very hard to distinguish themselves from other choices, because we know the family chose us and they really want a higher standard.

We hear stories about what it was like for these families at the public schools and we try hard to be better. Like all families, lower-income families normally want better for their kids than what they had. They want them to break the cycle of poverty and they know they can achieve that by getting them better education!

I love my school! It is my hope that choice schools continue to thrive and continue to give great options to parents.


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