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PROGRAM — Milwaukee Parental Choice Program

My son’s name is Mayjor Fluker and he is 7 years old.  I myself attended public schools and I know firsthand how much structure they lack. I knew that I wanted better for my son than what I had. He deserves better than what our traditional public schools offer. We decided to start him in K4 in a charter school.

My son suffers from an unpleasant speech impediment; He stutters his words, and he gets really frustrated when they don’t come out correctly. My son currently attends Granville Lutheran and I have noticed that they bear with him even when it is difficult. They also make sure to communicate with me a lot, and they are always asking what can they do to make things better for him. My son feels safe at school. He is comfortable because the great teachers at Granville Lutheran make efforts to ensure that his needs are met.

I think guaranteeing children a great education matters regardless of income. I do not think that a person’s income should hold kids back. All children should be given a fair choice in education. Why should people who make more or less be treated any different? Income has nothing to do with a child’s learning abilities.

All schools offer different programs for students, but not everybody gets to choose their school. Most parents are forced to put their children in a school they don’t think is right for them simply because they don’t make enough money. If you make a little too much some options get taken away.

I feel like the way of determining a child’s school is almost a sort of segregation based on income. Since we pay taxes for schools anyways, I believe that should allow us to send our child to the school of our own choice. Parents who cannot afford homes in neighborhoods with great school districts are often forced to send their kids to bad schools with less funding, fewer good teachers, and fewer opportunities for students to excel.


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