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PROGRAM — Nevada Opportunity Scholarship

My name is Marietta Crosby. My granddaughter is 8-years-old and is in 3rd grade. She really loves school. She loves music. I really believe she is more advanced at her age than my other grandkids at that same age, and that is because of her private school. 

It seems that the teachers and staff at her private school take more time with her than the public school. I think public school is so crowded and the classes are so big that they don’t have the same opportunities that private school does. There’s a huge benefit to having smaller classrooms because the teacher can give more attention to each student. In public school, there are so many students, it’s a lot for one teacher to take on.

I also like the spiritual part of her school. The kids are able to pray and attend Chapel and I really like that.

I want my granddaughter to be the best that she can be, to just go for it, and that’s what she’s doing. I can see her going all the way to the top.


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