PROGRAM — Nevada Opportunity Scholarship

Our family receives the Opportunity Scholarship. This scholarship has changed our lives for the better. My son, who is 7 and in second grade, loves his school. I love the way they teach him; they take time with him. Not only with him, but every student receives one-on-one attention. The staff is great with the parents. If something is wrong, they let us know right away. We get updates from the teachers about behavior, and how he’s doing in school. If they are missing something from their education, they let us know what to do at home to make sure they are excelling. His private school is a perfect opportunity for him to grow and learn.

My son has improved so much in private school. His speech and vocabulary have improved. Even his math skills have advanced. The teachers encourage him to do better and better, and I like the education he is receiving at his school. We love the school so much that I enrolled my 13-year-old daughter in the middle school. In her previous public school, academically ,her math was lacking and instead of taking the time to work with her, the teachers would just hand her an iPad and say ‘go work on your homework.’ Whenever we would reach out to get help from the teacher, the teacher was not there.

Unfortunately, we did lose our scholarship this year. I was sad and disappointed. I enrolled my daughter in the private school, thinking we would have the scholarship.  If we don’t get the scholarship again, there will be a big change in my children’s lives because they will have to go back to public school. I want my son to stay in his private school because that’s all he knows. I want him to stay there until he graduates from 12th grade. Now, we are unsure what is going to happen. If my son has to change schools, he will be devastated.


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